Dog Sweaters

The advantages of putting a sweater on a dog go beyond the fact that they will inevitably look adorable. Cold weather can leave short haired and small dogs seeking warmth wherever they can find it, and dog sweaters allow them to stay warm all day. While a Husky or Malamute may be fine with snowy weather and frigid temperatures, most dogs will become extremely uncomfortable quite quickly. Geriatric pups may benefit from retaining heat even in milder temperatures, as their lower activity levels and arthritic joints make it harder for them to stay warm. And a cute cable-knit sweater ads sophistication to their fall and holiday look. PetEdge has a great selection of dog sweaters in adorable patterns and multiple sizes to choose from below. These make great gifts and model well on our dog mannequins, so stock up today for some excellent, eye-catching retail placements.

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