Cat Toys & Treats

Cats possess a combination of intellect and playfulness that can provide endless fun for owners but also get them into a good amount of trouble. Keeping a cat entertained and out of mischief is a tall order, but PetEdge stocks many different types of cat toys and treats to keep even the most energetic and discerning felines happy and healthy. Our cat scratcher solutions keep claws sharp without sacrificing furniture – or layers of skin! Laser toys and treat holders will have them racing about to catch the ‘dot’ and dig out that tasty treat they can smell from across the room. And we’ve got buckets of adorable bulk canister displays so you can resell the best toys on the market with ease and confidence. Check out our Zanies brand mice or bat-balls for endless toy fun. Stock up on teasers and activity toys for an interactive cat fest. And don’t forget our protein treats for yummy fun any time. At these prices, you’ll be all set to have cat toys flying off your shelves and making every customer smile with pure feline delight!

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