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Unlike the array of colorful designs found for most dog collars and leashes, show dog collars and leads tend to be more subtle in both color and thickness. Showing dogs depends on highlighting the appearance and performance of the animal, so choosing an inconspicuous collar and lead allows the judges to see the animal more naturally, rather than as a statement of unnecessary fashion. Show dogs also need leads and collars that allow the handler to send signals to them with a light touch or tug, so generic nylon webbed collars and heavy leashes are not well-indicated. Most show collars and leads are either leather or chain with a round shape rather than a wide flat one. Often handlers will choose a color that matches or blends in with the dogs coat, so white or cream for a Great Pyrenees, gray or black for a Schnauzer, brown for a Cocker Spaniel, and so on. At PetEdge, we’ve got high quality show dog collars and leashes every day, so shop the products below and rest assured you are getting a great product at a great price.

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