Stuffed Dog Toys

Dogs are intelligent animals and, like people, subject to agitation and unhappiness when confronted with overwhelming boredom. That’s why keeping your dog entertained is not just an afterthought – it’s essential to their development and well-being. Dogs are usually not very picky about what kinds of dog toys they will play with, so providing them with even simple stuffed dog toys will help avoid having your newest pair of shoes reduced to a slobbery mess. Likewise, it is important that when giving your dog a stuffed or plush toy, that you ensure it was made for dogs. The stuffing and outer fabric should be tough, non-toxic and machine washable. The item should be large enough that they will not swallow it whole but small enough for them to carry around. It’s best to keep stuffed toys inside when possible to prevent them from picking up outside germs and bugs. And of course, choosing a cute toy that fits a dog’s personality will make the whole experience that much more enjoyable. At PetEdge, we offer a wide variety of stuffed dog toys for both individual and bulk purchases. Keep your pups happy and entertained with toys from PetEdge!

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