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The classic KONG toy is one of the most loved dog toys in existence today – and for good reason! The beehive-shaped, hollow rubber form can be used for playing fetch, chewing on, and delivering an interactive treat, all with one basic toy. KONG rubber is safe for all dogs and comes in a variety of densities, from soft for puppies and seniors to hard for power chewers. Stuff it with any Kong brand treats or sprays and your dog will be occupied for hours trying to figure out how to get at those tasty morsels inside. Now the KONG brand goes beyond rubber toys to offer ropes, tires, pull toys, flying discs, balls and stuffies, all made with your pet’s safety and enjoyment in mind. At PetEdge, we carry a huge selection of quality KONG toys at great prices – all packaged for use or easy resale. Shop KONG toys at PetEdge for the highest quality and value today!

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