For professional groomers who refuse to compromise on quality and results, PetEdge introduces an indispensable trio: the MarshMello Dematting Spray, Pet Shampoo, and Pet Spray Cologne. Starting with the dematting spray, groomers can effortlessly tackle the most stubborn of tangles, ensuring a smoother grooming process. The MarshMello Pet Shampoo then steps in, offering a deep cleanse while preserving the natural oils of the coat. To seal the grooming session, our Pet Spray Cologne provides a refreshing scent, leaving pets smelling delightful. But we don't stop at surface level. The Miracle Ear Elixir ensures inner health is not overlooked, addressing and preventing common ear ailments. Arm your grooming station with this stellar lineup, promising both external charm and internal health for every pet that graces your salon.

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