Straight Dog Grooming Shears

Straight dog grooming shears are the most common type of grooming scissors and are quite versatile in their use. They can be used on most coats and come in a range of sizes, with longer scissors working better on larger breed dogs. Aside from general grooming, these types of shears are great for cutting straight lines and for doing tidy finishing work. They are known for being very sharp and care should be taken, especially with a wiggly or nervous animal. At PetEdge, we believe that selecting the right shears is one of the most important decisions a groomer can make. That’s why we offer a huge variety of all types of tools, including straight dog grooming shears. Whether you need light or heavy, long or short, coated or titanium, left-handed or right, we’ve got the perfect set of shears for you, so shop today. 

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