Dog Grooming Tub Accessories

Bathing a dog can be difficult and strenuous, especially in larger breeds or with an animal that gets nervous. Having an efficient and comfortable bathing tub setup eases some of the challenges by helping you create a calm and smooth experience from beginning to end. At PetEdge, we have a variety of dog grooming tub accessories to make sure you get the most out of your bathing area all while keeping dogs safe and calm. We offer replacement parts such as hair traps, faucets, gears, drains and electronic controllers, so that you can repair a broken item instead of having to replace it entirely. You can also select any number of our tub accessories to make bathing easier and more ergonomic - like floor mats that prevent joint pain from standing too long, hoses and spray nozzles for ultimate control and accuracy, and shampoo shelves and pumps to keep everything you need close at hand. For the best quality tub accessories at great prices, shop PetEdge today!

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