Grooming Flea Combs

If you know your dog has fleas or has been scratching constantly, our flea combs will be a lifesaver. Flea infestations need to be dealt with quickly and thoroughly. Using a flea comb, glide it through the fur in a motion that goes with the grain of the hairs. It’s best to start at the head and slowly work back toward the rear, making sure to cover each square inch of fur. Dip the comb into a cup of water frequently to rinse of bugs and eggs, preventing them from spreading. You may need to remove mats or tangles first, as the flea combs have very narrow teeth and can be difficult to get through thick fur. Along with topical and ingestible preventatives, flea combing can be done frequently to stop an infestation from taking hold. At, we sell single packs of ergonomic combs for use or resale as well as bulk canisters of plastic combs for grooming and veterinary facilities. 

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