Dog & Cat Calming

Like humans, both dogs and cats can experience bouts of anxiety, either as the result of a frightening or traumatic event or because they are predisposed to those types of emotions. These feelings can ramp up in times of stress as well, such as during storms, while traveling, or when a trip to the vet is needed. Recognizing anxiety as the problem is the first step – finding the right way to treat it is the most important thing to do next. One of the most effective ways to treat this is with dog and cat calming supplements. PetEdge offers a variety of calming treats, drops and sprays that will aid your pet in relaxing – these are essentially over the counter ‘chill pills’ consisting of a variety of homeopathic elements. Use these alone or in combination with other strategies like crating or anxiety clothing to ease your pet’s nerves and get them back to their old selves.

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