Dog Housetraining

Dog Housetraining

Train Your Pup with Pet Training Aids from PetEdge

Make dog training easy with PetEdge's wide selection of professional dog house training supplies. Dog training needs range from having the right tools, diapers, and most important, disinfectants and odor removers to get rid of the toughest stains and smells from accidents along the way. We carry it all — from absorbent & easy-to-use puppy padsdiapers & pup pads and stain & odor removers. Your grateful customers will be coming back for more.

Housetraining a puppy requires patience and commitment, but it doesn’t have to be an ordeal. At PetEdge, our absorbent and easy-to-use puppy pads, along with diapers, pup pads & wraps, help take the trauma out of training. Puppy pads offer an approved spot indoors for a dog to eliminate, keeping the mess confined to an easy to clean area. Diapers and wraps are helpful toward the end of training, to reinforce what is already learned and protect homes from accidents as the dog learns to hold it for longer periods. Sticking to a routine and being vigilant about supervising in the early days of training really pays off, but accidents will happen. That doesn’t mean that your house will be destroyed – our stain and odor control products will have the whole place back to new in no time. Check out these dog housetraining products form PetEdge – our great retail packaging will have these products flying off your shelves and grateful customers will be coming back for more.


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