Wholesale Dog Harnesses

The traditional dog collar is great for supplying general control and identification, sometimes they are not the best solution for walking dogs. For dogs that are not leash-trained or struggle to walk on a typical leash/collar combination, a harness can help them be more comfortable and help resist pulling or choking. Harnesses also prevent leash tangles and pulling injuries by keeping the pressure away from the neck and instead on the chest area. For dogs that are a bit unstable, a harness assists them in sitting or standing as needed. It’s also nearly impossible for a dog to slip out of a harness, making them both more stable and more predictably safer. Offering your customers a good selection of harness sizes and colors starts with shopping at BossPetEdge.com for wholesale dog harnesses. We stock all kinds of harnesses at a price point that is ideal for retail reselling. Offer your customers the selection and quality they crave at a fantastic value from BossPetEdge.com.

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