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Walking two dogs at once can be a nightmare, especially when each dog wants to walk a different way at a different speed. The easiest way to take more than one dog on a walk is to ditch the separate leashes and get a coupler. A coupler is like having two very short leashes connected at the holding end. That end is then connected to a standard leash and mimics a double-dog leash but with the benefit of still being able to use the original leash singularly as well. Couplers keep both dogs side by side in the same small area, making walking on a sidewalk much easier. They also prevent tangling and many of them have pivoting heads to keep them from twisting up as well. At BossPetEdge.com, our stock of wholesale dog couplers are bulk priced for resale profit and packed for immediate shelf stocking – so get your coupler needs met today at BossPetEdge!

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