Master Equipment Rep Lift Mechanism for X-Tend Electric Tables


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This Master Equipment™ Replacement Electric Lift Mechanism fits the Master Equipment™ X-Tend Electric Grooming Table.

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This Master Equipment Replacement Electric Lift Mechanism is designed specifically for the Master Equipment X-Tend Electric Grooming Table (TP7144).

  • Includes one Replacement Electric Lift Mechanism
  • This electric lift mechanism is not compatible with other Master Equipment electric tables

Material: Polypropylene and metal
Dimensions: 16½" x 7¾" x 4"

Instructions to Replace Electric Lift Mechanism  - Tools needed: Philips-Head Screwdriver, Hammer or Mallet

  1. Using a philips-head screwdriver, loosen the screws from the electrical control box cover. Remove the cover.
  2. Unplug the cord that connects the electrical control box to the electric lift mechanism.
  3. Use a philips-head screwdriver to pull out the snap rings from the locking pins on the electric lift mechanism.
  4. Use a hammer or mallet to tap out the two locking pins from the base and tip of the electric lift mechanism.
  5. Remove the old electric lift mechanism.
  6. Insert the new electric lift mechanism into the grooming facility.
  7. Insert one of the locking pins into the attachment hole at the top of the electric lift shaft and rotate counterclockwise to extend, until the tip reaches the mounting brackets on the table frame.
  8. Remove the locking pin, slide the top of the electric lift shaft into place between the mounting brackets, and reinsert the locking pin through the mounting brackets and the top of the electric lift shaft.
  9. Slide the other locking pin through the mounting brackets at the base of the electric lift mechanism.
  10. Using a hammer, knock both locking pins into place
  11. Replace the snap rings to secure the locking pins
  12. Slide the cord from the new electric lift mechanism through the rubber gasket on the electrical control box
  13. Plug the cord from the new electric lift mechanism into the correct port on the electrical control box.
  14. Place the cover back onto the electrical control box. Using a philips-head screwdriver, replace the screws and tighten to secure in place.
Download Instructions (PDF File)

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