Dog Grooming Tiny Timesaver Tips

Have a large-ish mirror positioned so that you can see the opposite side of the dog you are finishing. You will soon be used to looking there to compare pattern, shape, and length instead of moving yourself or the dog or turning the table. This can save more time than you can imagine as well as keeping the dog more relaxed as you don’t have to manipulate him as much.

Have everything within reach of you and your table. A cabinet on the wall, a rolling cart with drawers and sections, a metal tool cabinet. I know one groomer that uses bureaus – they look homey and have drawers big enough to hold anything you need. All your finish dryers, tools, clippers and blades, shears, sprays, finishing touches, and first aid equipment should be within your fingertips’ reach.

Keep your tools in good shape. Dull scissors and blades, slicker brushes with “tired” or bent pins, clippers that need maintenance can cost you amazing amounts of time as well as increasing the possibility of injury to you or the pet.

Use a bathing system. Whether it’s one that mixes shampoo and water for applying to the dog or one that recirculates a water/shampoo mixture for applying to the dog, they are designed to be faster and more efficient. They clean extremely well in a short amount of time.

Do everything the same way, in the same order, as much as possible. Start your prep at the same place and move in the same direction. Being used to the same order helps you be faster, and if you are interrupted it’s easy to pick up where you left off. I start at the back because it’s less threatening for most dogs plus it gives you the opportunity to check their temperament before you are too close to the teeth.  Finish work I start at the back and do right then left side because I’m right handed so the left side is easier. I do the harder side first, then the left side is easy to match up with the first.

By Carol Visser, Journalist, Master Pet Groomer, Certified Dog Trainer, Pet Product Expert