Dog Grooming Shears

Just like barbers, dog groomers need to use scissors, or shears, that are specifically designed for cutting dog hair. Not only will it be easier and more successful to use the right type of shears, it will be safer for the groomer and the animal. There are three main types of shears – straight blades, curved blades and thinning shears. The first two are traditional scissor-types but differ in the shape of blade and, thus the application. Thinning shears are used to either thin or blend very thick coats into a more manageable texture and shape. These shears may have other varying characteristics as well, such as being appropriate or left-handed cutting, having a projecting guard for better grip, and having a ball-shaped tip for safety when trimming the facial area. No matter what type of shears you are looking for – or if you are looking for a comprehensive shears kit, or Sensei ShearsPetEdge carries a variety of types and brands that will suit you wonderfully! 


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