Curry on a Stik'


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This new curry comb has been specially designed to make massaging, grooming & bathing easier and much more effective. Flexible teeth for deep cleaning, massaging and bathing. Gently massages while loosening grime and shedding hair. Double-sided making it suitable for thin and thick coats. This product is so unique it has been awarded a US Patent!

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Grooming can be hard work – that is why we have made our Curry on a Stik' brush strong, balanced and with some weight. This creates a mechanical advantage which allows the groomer to let the brush do the work as opposed to the biceps and triceps. An innovative, professional grooming /massage/bathing tool for horses, dogs, and cats. It’s patent pending design has an ergonomic handle and a double-sided head with soft or coarse teeth for efficiency and convenience. This product is so unique it has been awarded a US Patent!

This well balanced tool has been tested and approved by partner Dr. John Langlois, DVM, MS, TCVM, a Marion County veterinarian for over 40 years and a teacher at the Chi Institute in Reddick, Florida. Designed by husband and wife team Sharon Barnard and Jeffery Feinstein of Ocala FL, the initial idea was to have a tool to help people with arthritis and children with small hands to easily hold a curry. 

Specially designed to make massaging, grooming & bathing easier and much more effective. Veterinarian tested and recommended, with rugged and durable construction. Handle has a soft rubber feel and ergonomic balance.

  • Veterinarian tested and recommended
  • Rugged and durable construction
  • Soft rubber feel and ergonomic handle -balances comfortably in your hand
  • Flexible teeth for deep cleaning. Massaging and bathing
  • Gently massages while loosening grime and shedding hair
  • Double-sided – suitable for thin and thick coats
  • Awarded a US Patent




If your approach is to get the hair off, well that is easy. Most brushes simply cut or tear the hair. However, if your goal is the massage the skin, muscle and fascia, in turn stimulating circulation and opening the micro-vasculature, then this is your brush. These methods help to release natural oils and remove painful stagnation as well as creating a meaningful experience. Our brush, coupled with proper technique, will do exactly that.Utilize the brush in the bathing and shampooing process to further enrich the effects of the combined brush and natural shampoo. Use the coarser side of the brush for body and softer side for head, face, and legs.

Material: PP with 30% glass fiber, TPE rubber

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