Dog Nail Care

From the Grooming Shop to the Retail Shelf, All the Pet Nail Care Products You Need!

Give groomers and vets the pet nail care they need with Pet Edge's large inventory of nail clippersnail grinders and accessories, including Styptics. With professional-quality dog nail clippers, grinders & trimmers, pets' claws will be easy to care for. Choose from cordless nail grinders excellent for last minute touch-ups; pet nail grooming kits which come with grinders, chargers, battery, wrench and five sanding wheels; and more..

From clippers and grinders to first aid products, PetEdge offers many different products for dog nail care. Keeping a dog’s nails trimmed is important, as overgrown nails can cause pain and injury as well as mobility troubles. Nail grinders and clippers are used to keep nails at a reasonable length and should be used regularly as part of a nail care routine. If your dog dislikes clipping, a grinder might work better as it is less jarring and less likely to cause injury. However, accidents are bound to happen, and PetEdge also sells a selection of first aid products catered specifically to nail care injuries. Dog nails should be clipped or ground down at regular intervals and as needed, though the timeframe for each dog will be different based on speed of nail growth and whether their lifestyle causes their nails to grind down naturally in the course of walking.

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