ProSelect X-Super Heavy Non-Tip Bowls


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ProSelect® X-Super Heavy Non-Tip Bowls prevent movement or accidental spills. Designed for long-eared breeds, these bowls are narrower at the top so long ears won't get in food or water.

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The wide, rubber-edged, non-skid base on this ProSelect™ X-Super Heavy Non-Tip Bowl is designed to prevent movement and spillage during feeding.
  • Designed for long-eared breeds
  • Narrower at top so ears won’t get in food or water
  • Extra heavy-duty stainless steel construction
  • Won’t rust or scratch
Material: 14/4 Stainless Steel (14% Chrome/4% nickel)
Size: ProSelect™ X-Super Heavy Non-Tip Bowl is 3.25" H x 6 1/2" W at the top. The bottom has 9.75" Diameter. The inside of the dish is 2.75" Deep.
Capacity: 32oz/4 cups/946ml

Lifetime Warranty.

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