Dog Coats and Jackets

Aside from just looking cute, there are many reasons why a dog may need to wear a coat or jacket. The most obvious reason is for cold weather. While a Husky or Malamute may be fine with any drop in temperature, most dogs have a point at which walking outside in the cold can be extremely uncomfortable. This is especially true for hairless dogs, smaller breeds, and dogs with low body fat like greyhounds and Whippets. Older dogs suffering from arthritis, short-haired dogs, closely clipped dogs, and breeds that are low to the ground like shelties and basset hounds also need extra warmth on the coldest days. Similarly, a dog may need a raincoat to stay warm in very wet environments or simply to remain clean if frequently exposed to mud. Reflective clothing for dogs has the added benefit of safety, making sure that the animal is visible to people, cars, and even other dogs. Whatever reason a dog may need to bundle up in a coat or jacket, PetEdge has a great selection of dog coats & jackets in multiple sizes to choose from below.

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