Dog Grooming Cage Dryers

Grooming dogs is a time consuming artform, and any groomer will tell you that getting a long haired dog dry after a bath seems to take forever. Fortunately, dog cage dryers are a safe and efficient alternative to direct blow drying or waiting an endless amount of time for natural air drying. These little appliances blow warm air into a dog’s cage, drying them quickly but indirectly. This means a dog can be in the drying phase while the groomer has moved onto bathing or grooming the next client. At PetEdge, we have portable models designed for a single cage area, multi-nozzle dryers that can connect to more than one cage and even crates with integrated fan units for an all-in-one solution. Whichever dryer or combination of dryers works best for your salon, you know you are getting great quality at an unbelievable value from PetEdge.

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