Dog Grooming Shear Kits

The best dog groomers need the best tools to get the job done, especially when it comes to their shears, which are specifically designed for cutting dog hair of different lengths and thicknesses. Not only is it easier to use the correct type of shears, having quality tools makes it safer for the groomer and the dog. At PetEdge, we carry all types of shears – straight blades, curved blades and thinning/blending shears. Not only that, we have a wide variety of shear kits, so you get the best value out of buying a full set of tools instead of just one at a time. The types and number of blades provided with each kit varies, but the idea is that you’ll be able to provide complete grooming from start to finish with this single purchase, all at great quality and value. Our kits have other varying characteristics as well, such as being appropriate or left-handed cutting or coming with handy storage cases or pouches. No matter what type of comprehensive shears kit is best for you, PetEdge has the brands and prices that will suit you wonderfully!

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