Dog Groomer Modular Cages

True pet businesses, whether it’s a Vet office, a boarding kennel, or a grooming salon, need to have a safe and efficient setup for housing their welcomed guests. Space is usually at a premium and often visibility of multiple animals at once is a necessity. Building custom kennel cages is not only expensive but reduces flexibility of use. That’s why PetEdge is proud to offer ProSelect brand modular cages at fantastic quality and prices.  These units can be reconfigured to scale up, scale down or just fit a different footprint, so that you can always set up containment areas that suit your business and clients perfectly. These ProSelect Modular Kennel Cages are a fantastic investment for both new and growing companies, pairing durability and longevity with adaptable use. Outfit your business with best in the industry modular cages right here at PetEdge!

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