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Tips to Improve your Scissorwork

Scissorwork is an important skill to master if you're a professional groomer! Here are some tips to help you develop and master the skill.

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Handy Hacks for the Pro Groomer

A creative, novel, or unusual approach to solving a problem, or a tool used in an unexpected way, is often called a “hack.” Here is a list of some of my favorite grooming hacks.

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Tool Organizing Tips

I am a self-confessed tool junkie. If I see a grooming tool that I don’t own and think would be useful, I’ll buy it. Sometimes the purchase is a win, other times a dud. Then there is the grey zone, a great tool for a few specific tasks but not something I will use on most pets. It turns out I have quite a few of those grey zone tools...

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Carding for Beginners

Picture this scenario… you are clipping a pet Spaniel with a thick coat, and you realize that you have unwittingly created what looks for all the world like a corduroy jacket on that pup. Usually, it’s not the fault of the blade, the clipper, or even your clipping technique. The problem is that the dog has a thick undercoat.

So, what’s a groomer to do? One choice is to clip the dog shorter, but that is not the best plan. Instead, spend a little time removing that undercoat. This will enable you to achieve a lovely, smooth clip while improving the dog’s skin health at the same time.

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How Dog Grooming Shampoo Works

I once worked as a dishwasher and still remember being told to make my job easier; let the tough pots and pans soak in soapy water. I didn’t understand why at the time.

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Dog Grooming Claw Care

Claw Care for Dog Groomers

No doubt about it, most pet owners are very concerned about their pet's claws. I feel reasonably sure that one reason we have such a loyal clientele is that we pay extra attention to those nails with every groom. So here are some suggestions for ways that you can up your claw care game!

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Tips for more efficient Dog Grooming

Everyone’s heard the old adage Time is Money – and it’s true. If you can get more dogs done in less time you will make more money. Here’s a few ideas on how.

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Dog Grooming Tiny Timesaver Tips

Are you looking for some simple easy-to-do tips to make your grooming more efficient, easier, or just mor enjoyable? Check out these easy tips! 

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