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Proper oral health for your pet is a huge indicator of general health and wellbeing, and pets with owners that prioritize the maintenance of tee...th and gums tend to live longer, healthier lives. Just like people,  dental checkups and at-home cleaning are both vital for a good outcome. Without opposable thumbs and the desire for self-grooming, dogs aren’t great at practicing self-dental care. Owners can use specialized toothbrushes and toothpaste on their pets. For pups that dislike this sensation and are difficult to brush, there are other great options as well. Dental treats and chews like Greenies, as well as sprays, gels and rinses, keep the mouth healthy by removing plaque, dissolving tartar, and keeping good blood flow to the gums. All these things can help prevent serious dental issues like cavities and gum disease. BossPetEdge.com stocks a large supply of wholesale pet dental products, all priced and packaged for easy resale, so place your order today!

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