Groomers Helper Starter Set, Black

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Whether you need to stay focused to clip around a dog's eyes or need both hands free to cut its nails, the Groomers Helper® Starter Set, Black, can help. The easy-to-assemble system gently secures a dog to your grooming table, and restricts its range of movements while you groom, so you can do your best work, free of distractions. The flexible assembly adjusts to fit three different configurations, making it versatile enough to help you tackle everything from dematting coats to clipping nails. A great investment with a substantial return: save hours of time on grooming so you can take on more customers and boost your bottom line.

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If you've ever trimmed a dog's nails or cut its hair, you know how tough it can be to do this work safely without injuring the animal. So if you need help holding a dog in place while you groom, the sturdy, reliable Groomers Helper® Starter Set, Black, has got you covered. Consisting of a durable steel clamp and a grooming loop that gently secure a dog to your grooming table, this easy-to-use system enables groomers to work their magic without struggling with pooches prone to sitting, spinning, dropping their heads, or dashing off. A great investment that can help you save time, energy, and frustration while grooming pets.


• The Groomers Helper® system gently holds a pet in place, and restricts its range of movements, so you can keep both hands free while you groom.
• Comes with a sturdy clamp and a grooming loop that secure a pet to your grooming table.
• The flexible system adjusts a pet into different positions, allowing you to tackle many kinds of grooming work.
• Offers three different configurations for tasks such as nails, face work, and dematting chests and legs.
• Helps you adjust the posture of pets prone to sitting, spinning, biting, backpedaling, dropping their heads, or jumping off the table.
• Significantly reduces injuries to both groomers and pets.
• The Groomers Helper® Starter Set works on dogs, but if you upgrade to the professional set or add an extra clamp-and-arm set, it can be used to secure cats too.
• Helps you save a chunk of time, energy, and frustration on grooming pets, enabling you to take on more customers and boost your bottom line.
• Recommended by master groomers and top grooming schools, and used by more professional groomers than any other comprehensive pet-control system.
• Limited lifetime warrantee.


The Groomers Helper® Starter Set includes the following: (1) Groomers Helper® classic clamp, (1) Groomers Helper® 5/8" loop, and a training DVD.


Note: It's important to order the proper size of the side clamps to prevent damage to your grooming table, and for the safety of both groomers and pets. Please read the Groomers Helper® note about ordering the right clamps for your grooming table, and select the clamps in the correct size.


Material: Steel clamp, grooming loop

Dimension: 6"L x 5"W x 1"H

Caution: Do not leave a pet in restraints unattended. Do not allow a pet to struggle in restraints. If a pet does not calm down, release it immediately. Do not put your hands in front of the pet's muzzle, where it can be bitten.


Groomers Helper® on Ordering the Right Clamps:



A nonstandard table has a tabletop that is more than 1-3/4 inches thick—it may be homemade, or a lighted grooming table, or a table that has a metal frame holding the top. The standard clamp is designed for use with a nonstandard grooming table ONLY and should not be used on a standard tabletop.



Do not purchase a Universal Clamp if a Standard Clamp will work. The weakest parts of any clamp are the screw-in bolts that hold the clamp to the tabletop. Therefore, if you are using a Universal Clamp with a 1-inch-thick table, you will have over 2 inches of the screw out of the clamp and pressing into the table. This will allow any stress from the arm to be loaded onto the screws, increasing the likelihood of them bending. You should purchase the 1-inch Standard Clamp unless necessary.


If you have purchased this Universal Clamp in order to get past the table frame, but the tabletop itself is only 1-inch thick, we recommend adding additional support.


One solution that is common is to cut a 2" x 4" (1.5" thick) the size of the clamp (6") and place it between the table bottom and the cup washers on the top of the screws of the clamp. This will shorten the distance the screws go in and make it much harder for them to bend. Use a few drops of wood glue and this will keep the block in place.

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