Groomers Helper Swivel-Eye Panic Snap

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The Groomers Helper® Swivel-Eye Panic Snap can serve you well when your client's dog yanks the grooming loop way too hard. The panic snap is designed to quickly release under tension to keep dogs safe. This is a great way to prepare for stressful surprises at your grooming shop. Put this nifty little tool on every grooming table to protect your clients' pets and buy yourself a little peace of mind.

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Dogs can quickly get into a surprising amount of trouble—one blink and they're pulling way too hard on the loop or getting ready to jump off the table. That's why it's hard to overstate the importance of having a panic snap like the Groomers Helper® Swivel-Eye Panic Snap. It's inexpensive and easy to use, and it offers protection against stressful surprises. Best of all, humans can release the snap easily, but dogs can't. It's a good idea to put one on every grooming table.


• The steel panic snap helps keep dogs safe by unlocking in seconds—when you need it.
• Helps protect dogs from injuring themselves when pulling against the grooming loop.
• Locks securely to your grooming arm, and releases with a squeeze of one hand.
• Humans can release the spring-loaded panic snap in seconds, but dogs can't.
• Offers protection against stressful surprises and emergencies.
• Convenient swivel-eye design eliminates tangling.
• Made with nickel plating to last for years to come.


Material: Nickel-plated steel


Caution: Do not leave a pet in restraints unattended. Do not allow a pet to struggle in restraints. If a pet does not calm down, release it immediately. Do not put your hands in front of the pet's muzzle, where it can be bitten.

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